Friday, July 6, 2012

Nail Polish Canada Win a Lifetime Supply of CND Shellac!

Enter to Win a Lifetime Supply of CND Shellac (CLICK HERE)


Win a Lifetime Supply of CND Shellac
($1266 Value)

Just tell us how winning will change your life

To be fair the prize is actually for a 25 year supply. So just try not to live too long cause we'll feel bad if you run out.
CND Shellac is a cross between nail polish and gel which is cured under a UV lamp and lasts up to 14 days without chipping.

How could winning change your life?

“This will save me money, I’ll use that to go back to school, become a doctor, save lives!”
- Natalie N.
“My husband will finally understand that other people take polish as seriously as me...” - Sarah P.

“I’ll probably spend all my time painting my nails, not go to work, get fired, now I’m homeless, damn you NPC.” - Beth C.

Grand Prize

Awarded to the best description of how winning a lifetime supply will change their life.
Top entrants will be selected by Nail Polish Canada and then voted on by the public.
  • 33 Bottles of CND Shellac
  • 36-Watt UV Lamp
  • 5 Shellac Topcoat
  • 5 Shellac Basecoat
  • Scrub Fresh
Winner selected August 7th, 2012.

How much Shellac do I need to last 25 years?

1300 (weeks in 25 years) / 2 (weeks application lasts) / 20 (applications per bottle) = 33 bottles of Shellac color



  1. WOW, This is a really good giveaway.Thanks for sharing.

  2. It would make the fact that my attic is full of mold and I had to put a new roof on my credit card (thank you Sandy) go down a little easier. And... my nails would look great.