Monday, May 14, 2012

Review of the NEW MASH Nail Art Set!

Hello nail art lovers!

Today's I'm going to be showing you the newest set of MASH image plates the bundle comes with 25 plates ,each containing 5 to 7 design per plate, all image plates are made with paper backed, I really like this set all the images are crisp and clear and fully detailed with great designs and lots of full nail images to choose from. I would recommend this set to anyone into stamping, be it newbie or oldie they are absolutely great!

  1. Before use, peel off the tight, blue protective plastic film on top of each plate.
  2. Apply polish on image plate design.
  3. Using a scraper, scrape off the excessive nail polish.
  4. Stamp the image in rolling motion using a stamper.
  5. Stamp design on nail smoothly.
                        Let's take a look at the M.A.S.H Image Plates!

Click on the images for a better view!


Are you planning on getting them? I think it is totally worth the money to get them!

 as always thanks for stopping by see you in my next post..! is a website dedicated to bringing you premium, salon quality nail art supplies. MASH was founded in 2009 by a team of nail art experts who were tired of seeing cheap, generic nail art supplies lacking both style and substance sold all throughout the Internet. Boring products lead to boring nail art, and so the decision was made to make a premium line of nail art supplies and create a company run by nail artists for nail artists.

All MASH employees trained nail art specialists who work in all areas of the business from product development to customer service. This means not only will MASH nail art products be the best on the market, all MASH customer service employees are nail art experts who can assist you in everything from buying choices and getting your order correct to tips on how to get the most out of your MASH nail art products.

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Products in this post were provided by the company for an honest review.


  1. I like these stamps - do the full ones cover the whole nail?

  2. Have these even come out yet? how did you get them.. i just started by blog and i'm wondering how you go about getting products to review.

    1. This Mash plates are going to be available to purchase soon. as how I get to review products I contact the company or sometimes they contact me, hope this help!

  3. Aww, the images are so cute! I want all of the plates *.*

  4. Amazing plates.
    I absolutely love a lot of those images. Glad to read that the full images cover whole nails. :-D

  5. wow !!!I want this set If I can find it here:)

  6. oh wow the site says 12.99!! how amazing.. thanks for introducing me to this brand

  7. I really like the one with stars image (49 I think), I've actually been looking for sth like that! Stamping is a great technique, that's for sure:D

  8. super :)