Sunday, May 6, 2012

Guest Post: LuvMyLacquer Water Marble!!

Good Morning Dear Readers!

Today I have for you my very first guest poster from my lovely and talented friend Jessica, from LuvMyLacquer! she is one of my favorite bloggers, When I ask her to guess post for us she kindly accepted my invitation, thank you so much Jessica! is a honor to have you here! =D enjoy her amazing work she's one of the best at water marbling... follow her if you haven't yet because shes does stunning manicure!

Hello! My name is Jessica and today I will be guest posting for YamiiDoesNails. Yamii and I have been friends long before we decided to start our own blogs and it has been an absolute pleasure getting to know her. I was thrilled when she asked me to guest post for her because I've always been a fan of her work and consider this a huge honor!

After being friends with Yamii for so long I know two things about her, for sure.. She LOVES the color purple and she also really likes when I water marble so that's what I have decided to do for this guest post.

I began this manicure with a base of Essie Grow Faster. Next I began to water marble using 3 shades of purple by Bettina; Haze, Purple, & Secret Garden. Once I cleaned up my nails/fingers, I topped this manicure with a coat of Essie's Good To Go topcoat.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. I had a ton of fun creating it for you, Yamii, and I hope you love it! Thank you so much for granting me the privilege of guest posting for you! If you would like to see more of my work, come on over to my blog, LuvMyLacquer Have a fantastic day, xo!


Thank you very much Jessica, your manicure is adorable I really love it!

               as always thanks for stopping by see you in my next post..!


  1. Amazing watermarble! Love the colors! :)

  2. Oh Jess, your marbling is amazing!

  3. Jess is the best!!! the end! <3

  4. What an incredible marble! I usually can't get any of my nails to look the same :p

  5. Hi I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!You can see it on my blog. Congrats!

  6. This looks amazing, how the heck do you do that?


    True Queen

  7. I wish my marbles would look like yours, but they never do.