Friday, January 11, 2013

Born Pretty Store Cuticle Oil Review!

Good Morning!
Today I have a new review to share with you from Born Pretty Store. by now you've probably heard about this online store that sells lots of nail art, nail care and makeup at a very affordable prices. The item I'm reviewing today is the 10 pcs Cuticle Revitaliaer Oil for nail treatment This cuticle oil pen is a great way to hydrate and moisturize your dry cuticle perfect for on the go and daily use.

Here is the cute colorful package!

Package includes:
Four flowers flavors
- Jasmine Oil
- Lavender oil
- Rose Oil
- Aloe Oil

Six fruit flavors
- Strawberry oil
- Peach oil
- Apple oil
- Nutrition Orange oil
- Pomegranate oil
- Kiwi fruit oil

Instructions from Born Pretty Store
Brush on your cuticle lightly and massage gently 3-4 times a week
You will achieve longer, stronger and beautiful natural nails.

I'm very happy with the result is a great tool to have in your bag this Cold winter season or any time of the year
A handy way to apply cuticle oil without the threat of spilling. Perfect for on the go and daily use.

They sent me a coupon code CCJ61 to share with my followers to save 10% on your total purchase, the store provides worldwide free shipping, all of their items are reasonably priced and very affordable.

this and others great products are available now on the Born Pretty Store here is the direct link to this Cuticle oil  they are listed under the nail tool category.

The product in this review was send to me by Born Pretty Store for my honest opinion.

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  1. What did you think of the scents? I need to order some of these to give as gifts.

    1. Sorry forgot to add this to the review.. they have a soft scents which in my opinion is good maybe because I don't like strong smells on my hands! " )

  2. Mariah to you
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