Monday, September 24, 2012

Cheeky Summer 2012 Nailart Plates Review! *pic heavy*

Hello nail art stamping fanatics!

For today's post I'm very excited to be reviewing the brand new set of Cheeky nailart plates summer 2012 collection, The set comes with 26 Nailart Image Plates with 161 brand new designs to choose from, each containing 6 to 7 design per plate, all image plates are made with paper backed to prevent from scratching during storing and they came with a blue protective cover on them which was easy to peel off.

              The plates come in a stylish cute little box that can be used as storage for the plates.
                     Inside the box come a nail artist license which can be used as a scraper.
                              Let's take a look at the Cheeky Image Plates! from 30 thought 55.
Cheeky 30

Cheeky 31

Cheeky 32
Cheeky 33
Cheeky 34
Cheeky 35
Cheeky 36
Cheeky 37
Cheeky 38
Cheeky 39
Cheeky 40
Cheeky 41
The designs are long and wide enough to cover the full size of your nail.
Cheeky 42
Cheeky 43
Cheeky 44
Cheeky 45
Cheeky 46
Cheeky 47
Cheeky 48
Cheeky 49
Cheeky 50
Cheeky 51
Cheeky 52
Cheeky 53
Cheeky 54
Cheeky 55
 There’s paper backing. This ensures that the plate isn’t sharp!
The images on these plates transfer clean, crisp and easily

Cheeky 52
Overall, I have to say I’m very satisfied with the quality and I love the variety of images.

I hope that you found this review helpful!

You can purchase the plates directly from
Cheeky website or from Facebook they cost $24.99 with free shipping.

What do you think of the Cheeky Stamping Plate? Are there any images that really catch your

(stamping plates sent for review)


  1. OMG I think this is the greatest thing ever ! <3 Guess I'll have to do some shopping hehe

  2. I love it, these plates are awesome!

  3. I just got my plates in the mail yesterday. I love them!